Russian Brilliants« is the Most Natural Looking Diamond Simulant

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Our Earth Friendly Stones are set in Solid 14k & 18k Gold & Platinum

Russian Brilliants« is unique and unlike other Simulated Diamonds, they are hand cut and possess the fire, brilliance of a mined diamond, without the exorbitant cost. Russian Brilliants« has a lifetime guarantee not to fog or yellow and is considered the best Simulated Diamonds by many gemologists. Learn More>>

Some jewelers have difficulty distinguishing between Russian Brilliants® Simulated Diamonds and a mined diamond. The eye appeal is equivalent to the world's finest D-E color, and beautifully hand-cut. See for yourself how gorgeous they really are compared to mined diamonds and moissanite. Preview Risk Free>>


1 Carat
1 Carat


Solid 14k Gold
$13,000 - 16,000

Solid 14k Gold

$1195 (Save Over 90%)

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Dave from WA says about Russian Brilliants...

I ordered a 1ct DE round from you a month ago. I took it to one of our top jewlers in Seattle. They could not tell it was a simulated diamond by eye, even under a 10x lupe. They were suspicious, however, because the stone was "too perfect". So they used a machine that tests for vibrations, and that gave up the jig. However, the jewler commented that the stone was absolutely flawless, colorless, and the person who cut the stone did a top-notch job. He held it up to a real diamond and said "you just can't tell the difference". I asked him what he though I paid for it, and he said "2,500 dollars?" When I told him I paid $280 for it, he was flabbergasted. He said it would make for a beautiful ring.


Rebekah from NY says about Russian Brilliants...

I just got engaged this past weekend and wanted to tell you how beautiful my ring is! I have had more complements than I ever expected! I had researched diamond stimulants a lot because I did not want a real diamond and when I came across your site I knew this was the place to go with! My fiancé told me that your customer service was wonderful and very helpful! They took care of his every need! 

Thank you for making my dream ring come true!


SUSAN from NY says about Russian Brilliants...
Please feel free to use my words as an expression of my sincerest thanks! Shock and amazement, 
my FiancÚ and I ordered our 2 carat stone online approximately 2 days ago, the doorbell rang, it was FedEx....... 
I ran to the best light source I could find, opened my envelope and carefully removed the stone from its protective covering and I just lost my breath when I laid eyes upon this magnificent stone. So fiery, so brilliant, it took my breath away. It is beyond decent, it is spectacular! I am so thrilled, I just can't say it enough. 
I have heard how beautiful and undetectable these stones are but nothing compares until it is revealed in person. My mother and I compared stones side by side, her natural next to this 2 ct Russian Brilliant and we just sat there and smiled and giggled in amazement. Looking through a loop it just gets better and better, I dare anyone to say this is not just as good, hah...IT'S BETTER! 

Happily Engaged, in NY


K.M. says about Russian Brilliants...

It has been about three weeks since I ordered and received my Russian Brilliant (D color, flawless, 3.5 ct.)...

The Russian Brilliant stone arrived and when I opened the package I nearly fell over. The cut, the brilliance, the clarity was unbelievable. I immediately took it to the jeweler with the setting I had decided to purchase. We compared the Russian Brilliant to the jewelers white sapphire and several different CZs (at the Jewelry Mart). My jeweler was shocked to see the beauty of the Russian Brilliant. We both oooed and ahhed at how white the Russian Brilliant is compared to the other stones. We examined several stones, real diamonds, CZs, and white sapphires under a loop. We were both impressed by the cut of the Russian Brilliant, which by the way is exquisite!! Other than some of the real diamonds most of the stones had nice cuts around the sides but the middle of the stone was rather flat. My jeweler was so impressed that she said without a doubt go for the Russian Brilliant. In fact, she had her assistant immediately remove the white sapphire and replace it with the Russian Brilliant.

Everyone is shocked by my ring. It is a real eye catcher. I do not have the heart to tell people that the diamond is a Russian Brilliant because they all say “Wow you can tell that is a real diamond- it’s so bright.” Or other similar comments are made.” I absolutely love my ring, which looks exceptionally exquisite because of the Russian Brilliant. I am a customer for life!!! By the way Christine, everyone I dealt with on the phone at your company is professional, warm, and extremely helpful. Thank YOU!!!

(I do not want to sign my name because to tell you the truth, I’d like to keep it a secret that my Russian Brilliants® isn’t a real diamond. And it looks good enough to keep my secret.

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