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Other diamond simulants with similar names are not genuine or authentic Russian Brilliants®

Russian scientists have taken a page from Mother Nature's achievement by replicating a gem quality diamond. Russian Brilliants® is classified as a diamond simulant. It was originally developed for use in the Russian satellite space optics program. These diamond simulants are hand-cut and come in different shapes and sizes. With their brilliance and fire they possess many of the same characteristics and optical properties of a natural diamond. They are very hard and will cut glass!  

Personal I.D. Inscription Available. Inscribed by major lab and can be seen under 10X magnification. The integrity of the stone is unaffected.

Some jewelers have difficulty distinguishing between Russian Brilliants® and a natural diamond. Many jewelers & gemologists rate Russian Brilliants® as the best diamond simulant in the world. The eye appeal is equivalent to the world's finest D-E color, flawless diamond. Beautifully hand-cut, Russian Brilliants® is convincingly the closest clone to a natural diamond. The appearance of Russian Brilliants® is guaranteed to last forever. 

At times man-made gems are more beautiful (rainbow affect) than the natural diamonds they imitate. Standard CZ will take on a pale grayish tone when exposed to sunlight over a period of time. This does not happen with Russian Brilliants®. Unlike a naturally formed diamond, almost all CZ components are purer and the molecules gather in ideal conditions. Couple this with an unsophisticated machine cut manufacturing process and you arrive at the standard cubic zirconia or diamonique stone.

While technically a synthetic diamond, Moissanite is a popular diamond substitute. The appearance of Moisssanite mimics natural diamonds. Upon close examination, Moissanite is usually identifiable, this is because of the greenish gray color cast that is especially visible in larger stones. Because it is doubly refractive, Moissanite is cut differently than natural diamonds. This creates a strong visual effect known as birefringence, which acts on the stone's back facets, creating a drunken or blurred image. The double refractive index diminishes the illusion of being a natural diamond. Be sure to inspect Moissanite stones in natural light, In addition, Moissanite has 2.5 times the dispersive power of a natural diamond. This creates what is referred to as the disco ball effect. Some think the excessive fire is beautiful, while others think it makes Moissanite look fake and cheap.


S.N from Microsoft says about Russian Brilliants...

Testimonial - I just wanted to commend you on your customer service and hiring people who are committed to making sure that your customers are happy ones. I had the pleasure of working with Tim who helped me through the exchange and stone downsizing process and ensured that I was able to get what I want at the right time! Tim is a great asset to your organization in that he is committed to making your customers happy.

Thanks again!


K.M. says about Russian Brilliants...

It has been about three weeks since I ordered and received my Russian Brilliant (D color, flawless, 3.5 ct.).

FYI I was going crazy trying to decide on the stone I could use in the gorgeous setting we purchased. The setting made of 4.5 ct.s of E/F SV-1 diamonds. The setting was made to hold above these diamonds a 3.5 ct. stone. I wanted a real diamond but naturally felt it was outrages to spend our money in that way. But at the same time I wanted my ring to sparkle like crazy and be dazzling to the eye. My jeweler (where I purchased the setting), suggested I use a white sapphire for the large center stone. My daughter suggested I purchase tanzanite, but I discovered that for larger stones tanzanite tends to yellow. Others suggested that I use a CZ. Then I discovered that among the CZ family there are numerous variations that made selecting a CZ more complicated then I had originally thought. There is the machine cut CZ; there is the hand cut CZ; there is the CZ made of compounds that cloud and discolor. In addition, there are endless companies on the internet all claiming to have the best CZ on the planet, this includes the Russian Brilliants® (Your company).

After being very confused I decided to try the Russian Brilliant for several reasons. First, the stone was easy to order. Your company allowed me to use my credit card which was not charged until I confirmed that I decided to purchase the stone or 7 days had passed since I signed for receipt of the stone. This allowed me to look at the stone and compare it to others before committing to purchasing it. Second, I had previously been working with Kelly and the jeweler at the Russian Brilliants® because I wanted to have a ring designed. Your company spent so much time working with me, free of charge. When I decided to purchase an already made setting I actually felt a bit guilty about the time your company had already invested in assisting me. I therefore felt that ordering the Russian Brilliant made more sense because it accomplished repaying the company for the time they spent with me, and examining the stone free of obligation.

The Russian Brilliant stone arrived and when I opened the package I nearly fell over. The cut, the brilliance, the clarity was unbelievable. I immediately took it to the jeweler with the setting I had decided to purchase. We compared the Russian Brilliant to the jewelers white sapphire and several different CZs (at the Jewelry Mart). My jeweler was shocked to see the beauty of the Russian Brilliant. We both oooed and ahhed at how white the Russian Brilliant is compared to the other stones. We examined several stones, real diamonds, CZs, and white sapphires under a loop. We were both impressed by the cut of the Russian Brilliant, which by the way is exquisite!! Other than some of the real diamonds most of the stones had nice cuts around the sides but the middle of the stone was rather flat. My jeweler was so impressed that she said without a doubt go for the Russian Brilliant. In fact, she had her assistant immediately remove the white sapphire and replace it with the Russian Brilliant.

Everyone is shocked by my ring. It is a real eye catcher. I do not have the heart to tell people that the diamond is a Russian Brilliant because they all say “Wow you can tell that is a real diamond- it’s so bright.” Or other similar comments are made.” I absolutely love my ring, which looks exceptionally exquisite because of the Russian Brilliant. I am a customer for life!!! By the way Christine, everyone I dealt with on the phone at your company is professional, warm, and extremely helpful. Thank YOU!!!

(I do not want to sign my name because to tell you the truth, I’d like to keep it a secret that my Russian Brilliants® isn’t a real diamond. And it looks good enough to keep my secret.

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