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Simulated Diamonds

We are the only authorized distributor of Russian Brilliants«

Russian Brilliants« is the Most Natural Looking Diamond Simulant

Each Russian Brilliant« stone is hand faceted and polished like a natural diamond. Most natural diamonds contain minute traces of non-crystallized carbon and internal stress fractures. These inclusions absorb the light and reduce the beauty of the stone. Russian Brilliants offers maximum light refraction fire and brilliance that mimic a white, colorless, flawless natural diamond.

You can own a collection of exclusive jewelry at an affordable price. And the best part? Not even your hairdresser will know. Compare Russian Brilliants® to Moissanite>>

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                          Simulated Diamonds         Simulated Diamonds         Simulated Diamonds

                         Simulated Diamonds         Simulated Diamonds         Simulated Diamonds


T.W from OH says about Russian Brilliants...
We received the platinum five stone ring on Friday. It is absolutely gorgeous, and exactly what we had hoped.

Most importantly, I would like to stress how completely amazing you and your company were on working with us on this. From the beginning you were so helpful in trying to rectify the situation with the original ring, and then you really went above and beyond to help us choose a design, and then create a new ring. The new ring is stunning, and it is also great for when we go places or travel where I don't want to wear my diamond rings- yet can still have a beautiful piece of jewelry!

I have to say that after working closely with you, and having such a wonderful experience- not to mention the beautiful quality of the ring- we will not hesitate to work with you in the future in any jewelry endeavors. I have looked at your other sites at the amazing pieces you have created for others, and the wonderful things they've had to say as well.(no surprise) At some point we will have stones reset from my diamond engagement/wedding rings, and we look forward to creating a ring with you at that time. Matt you are wonderful!

Thank you so much again, and we look forward to working with you in the future!!!! I just can't say enough, and will pass your contact info on to anyone I know who has jewelry needs.



Rich from CA says about Russian Brilliants...
You hit a homerun with both rings...they both match us and our personalities. Amii is speechless and enjoying her special day at work. She says it is one of the most beautiful things in the world. I love my ring, it is so me and fits perfect. Please use us as a referal at anytime.

Thank you again and best regards,

SUSAN from NY says about Russian Brilliants...
Please feel free to use my words as an expression of my sincerest thanks! Shock and amazement, 
my FiancÚ and I ordered our 2 carat stone online approximately 2 days ago, the doorbell rang, it was FedEx....... 
I ran to the best light source I could find, opened my envelope and carefully removed the stone from its protective covering and I just lost my breath when I laid eyes upon this magnificent stone. So fiery, so brilliant, it took my breath away. It is beyond decent, it is spectacular! I am so thrilled, I just can't say it enough. 
I have heard how beautiful and undetectable these stones are but nothing compares until it is revealed in person. My mother and I compared stones side by side, her natural next to this 2 ct Russian Brilliant and we just sat there and smiled and giggled in amazement. Looking through a loop it just gets better and better, I dare anyone to say this is not just as good, hah...IT'S BETTER! 

Happily Engaged, in NY

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