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Simulated Diamonds

I bought a 2 carat round loose stone for my wedding set last summer and even my jeweler thinks its real. I get gasps from every woman who sees my hand. It is stunning!!!! T.G., Phoenix, AZ

I purchased two rings from you in the past, both are wonderful!!! The first was a princess cut center stone with channeled princess natural diamond in the band, set in white gold (I believe it was code or -2PLE222-18 [can't remember which]), purchased about a year an a half ago (presented to my wife in Nov 03). The second was a matching band given to her in Nov 04. Currently I am in the military deployed overseas so my main form of communication is email and a phone call now and then. Again we love both the rings!!! Thank you for your attention to our concern. SFC C.W.

I just wanted to commend you on your customer service and hiring people who are committed to making sure that your customers are happy ones. I had the pleasure of working with Tim Leyva who helped me through the exchange and stone downsizing process and ensured that I was able to get what I want at the right time! Tim is a great asset to your organization in that he is committed to making your customers happy. Thanks again! S. N. Microsoft Corporation

Thank you very much for your quick response. You did a wonderful job and your customer service was very good. P.S.

Thank you sooooooo much for such quick service.  When I received the ring the first time it really is exquisite.  You are so right about how "real" it looks.  I will be ordering more jewelry from you. I will also recommend you to some of my close friends. Have a wonderful holiday and a safe one. Thanks, P.A.

We received the ring on Saturday and the stone is beautiful AND we were VERY pleased to see that you gave us a platinum setting for our patience! That was so VERY nice of your company. I must say I have really enjoyed working with the Hadar company, especially you Vicki! You are a sweetheart and a true professional... M.C.

I just received my order of 1.5 ctw. Princess cut loose looks great. I am very impressed. Thank you so much. I will be ordering a companion stone later in the month. E. M., Napa, CA

Thank you for your kind service and attention to detail. I sincerely appreciate all your efforts in  making this special occasion possible. A.A.

Thank you. The ring is gorgeous and I can wear all three on one finger engagement ring, wedding band and a smaller band. I must have the longest fingers in the world. thank you. S.D. Port Washington, NY

I never would have imagined that this ring would be this beautiful!!  In fact I contemplated for 6 weeks whether or not to go ahead and order it, and when I did finally order it I figured that I would end up returning it because there was no way it could look like a real diamond.  Boy was I wrong!!  My ring arrived yesterday... I opened up the box and my hands started shaking when I tried it is so amazing!  My girlfriends are envious and they all think that I spent at least $10,000 on it....and of course I didn't tell them any different.  The only one who knows my secret is my husband and that is only because he just about had a heart attack when he saw it thinking that I spent our life savings (imagine his relief when I told him how much it really cost) Anyway I just thought I would let you know how much I love it!! Thanks so much! C. B.

Thank you so much, the rings are absolutely stunning and the match perfectly.  Please thank Gerry, Bob and Barbara for all their help getting my rings made.   I'm so pleased, I tell everyone about your web site and how smart I am for saving a small fortune! Sincerely, T.M.

Thank you for your assistance in placing my order today.  I also appreciate the e-mail with the link to the The Atlantic Monthly article from 1982 reference diamonds.  I found it to be most interesting.  As I mentioned earlier this afternoon when we spoke, I never intend to purchase another expensive diamond. I LOVE diamonds but the insurance is too costly. I would rather wear RussianBrilliants and be able to enjoy the sparkle and brilliance without paying a fortune and if I happen to lose a stone or a piece of jewelry, I can afford to replace it! For some time I have been aware that there are grades of Cubic Zirconium stones, but was hesitant to purchase a CZ.  From the research that I have done over the internet, I believe that RussianBrilliants are of the best grade and quality and decided that now is the time to purchase one and see for myself. I am looking forward to receiving my new RussianBrilliant! Best wishes, A.W.

WOW...Tim, my ring just arrived and it's soooooo very beautiful. Oh My Gawd, it's absolutely stunning.... it's perfect and the wait was well worth it!!!  I'm wearing this masterpiece right now!  Thank you soooo much for everything!!! D.K., Maryland

I just wanted to tell you how very happy I am with my ring! All my customers are raving over how beautiful and sparkly the stone is. I am very pleased I have dealt with your company. and would like to make another purchase if possible. I am looking for a wedding band to match my ring Code ST5719 2ct asscher cut in white gold w/ 18kt yellow accents. Is there anyway I can get a small engraved band like my ring with small asscher or princess diamonds so it can match my ring?? Thanks B.M.

Well I popped the question and everything went AWESOME!  Thank you so much. Everyone loves the ring and I could not be happier. I'll be more than happy to give a testimonial if you would like one. My fiancé besides loving the ring love the shape of the band as it does not spin around which is good for her as she types all day long and a spinning ring would drive her crazy. I'll be in touch but I just wanted to say thanks for all the help and for getting me an awesome ring! Thanks, J.M. Honolulu, HI click here for image

The Ring has arrived and Lesley Ann and I are absolutely delighted with it, In fact, It's amazing! There have been so many comments at British Airways both from crew and from passengers! you would not believe! We do have a slight problem though, because LA loves the ring so much she has decided to go for a diamond wedding band to match! The only issue is that we get married next Friday (16th) but leave for the place we are going to marry on the 15th in the morning. Is there anyway that you can think of to get a wedding band to us for the 14th?? just to make sure?? H. Walsh, West Yorkshire, UK

I appreciate all of your help earlier today with my purchase. I found you to be very helpful and very friendly, and that is greatly appreciated. Again, thanks for your help. S.P.

Sorry to be so late in letting you know how pleased I am with the "trinity" necklace and the earrings.  They're beautiful and look exactly the way I wanted them.  Thanks for your good work.  B.S.

I just want to drop you a note to express my gratitude to your professional service. Special thanks to Bob , Gerry and Tim (Customer service). Gerry, I absolutely love the setting, you don't have to kill yourself now, just kidding. I look forward to get another item from you. H.M., San Francisco, CA

I received the stone today -- absolutely incredible. It looks significantly better than the $40,000 real diamonds that I was looking at. If you ever need a recommendation from a very satisfied customer, let me know! Thanks again for your prompt shipment. T.T., Winter Park, FL

Just wanted to let you know that I received my ring and absolutely love it. Thank you for getting it to me so quickly. Thanks again, G.B.

Thank you for the beautiful ring. I just got it. It's fabulous!  V

Well, after having to battle with customs, I finally have my stone. It is amazing. Thank you for helping me with customs and getting the stone in my hands. I will be going this weekend to exchange the stone in my ring and put this new stone in. Once again, thank you...T.S.

Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got my ring from you. It is absolutely what I had hopped it would be.  It actually exceeds my expectations.    When I showed it to my husband he gave me a big kiss.  He then told me that I deserved nothing less.


At last I get to tell you that my ring came today and I must say that it is as beautiful as you had said it would be. I love the white gold. If the stones hold up (as you said they would) I am thinking I must have more!!! Lots more...I would even consider selling my big diamonds to have lots of Fun diamonds to wear! Thank you, Regards, D.

Happy New Year! A few months ago we ordered a from you, and I never got a chance to tell you how stunning my ring is! I could have not asked  for a more beautiful sparkling engagement ring! We are very pleased, and I wanted to tell you that each and every day I look down at my "brilliant" and marvel at how amazing it looks. I thank you for your exquisite craftsmanship, and excellent personal customer service! We are now getting ready to order the matching wedding band 33W2035 in the next day or two. Thanks so much for your time. You have been wonderful, and I am so happy that I can bring my business to you again. It is great to have someone to trust with such an important wedding detail.  Thank you! J. D. Galloway, NJ

I received the ring Monday morning as promised. It was absolutely stunning and my girlfriend fell in love with it. It fit perfectly and was exactly what I was looking for. The quality of the stones and ring were incredible and I am very pleased with my purchase. We'll be back for more! M. W.

Kevin had left a message for you last Wednesday when we got the ring, but we haven't heard back from you so I just wanted to send an email to let you know that the ring is absolutely gorgeous!!! There are no words to describe how magnificent the ring is....everything about it is just beautiful!  Anyway, thank you so much for taking care of EVERYTHING just as you had promised!  You really are the best!  Happy Holidays, hope this New Year will be the best! :) K. Chu

Thank you very much for make my wife's Christmas very special. The earrings that I gave her, were perfect. I appreciated your companies service during this holiday season. I will shop again! C. W. Reedsville, PA

The pendant arrived yesterday afternoon about 3PM our time. Thanks for all the attention that you gave to this order.  I know that in the rush toward Christmas it would have been easy to just let it ride until after the rush. Shopping with Hadar has been a very positive experience!  I also appreciate giving Russian Brilliants. When giving an object of beauty and permanence I like to know its providence; to know that I'm not supporting an international cartel or financing a terrorist insurgency in some third world country is important to me as well as knowing that my gift has been manufactured by people making a living wage. Thanks for all the good work. I hope that you get some time off now to reconnect with the true meaning of the season. Merry Christmas, John

I received my 1.5k solitaire today and I could not be any happier. I love it. Thank you so very much. Have a safe and wonderful holiday. Happy New Year.

I just got the RB and they are BEAUTIFUL. I can't believe how pretty they are. I liked the trillion a lot better than the natural trillions that I have in the same size. I know that I want a RB ring, but I've been going like crazy today to try to find the exact ring that I want. I really like the 3 stone Emerald ring, but I'm trying to find one at a local place to try on, I just want to make sure that I get what I want to start with. I actually saw a 2 ct Natural D color VVS2, ideal cut, and I swear your Asscher cut looked IDENTICAL. Of course the price on the Natural was $29,000. The RB is much nicer on the pocketbook.

Hello! We are so impressed with the ring my son ordered last month. His fiancee was shopping at Zales for his band when the salespeople and the manager went crazy over her ring! They thought it surely cost at least $20,000! They were floored when she told them it was a rb. They'd heard of them but never seen one. The manager asked if he could test it and it tested real! (if someone there made a mistake and she's got the real thing, please let us know) Now I want one too! We want to buy a 1 carat princess stone and have it put in my ring to replace the cz (almost 1 ct., round) that is currently there. Is it best to just order the stone from you and take it to a local jeweler, or could we send the ring to you? If we did that, do you have any idea how long it would take and what the cost would be. Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you, S.O.

I am speechless. The ring is absolutely gorgeous, and has been praised by everyone that has seen it so far. The engagement will be awesome. This is absolutely the only way to go, and I have just realized that (with the minimal investment) this is not something I will necessarily have to carry insurance on as well. Additional savings there as well. Thank you for everything Gerry and you will definitely be hearing from me again soon. Thanks, B.K.

My ring has arrived and it is even better than I hoped it would be. It looks amazing and I am really pleased. It is a Christmas present for me from my husband (I ordered it myself to make sure I get something I like!) and I can't wait until Christmas Day when I can officially unwrap it and wear it all the time! Thank you so much for the fantastic service you have provided. I am definitely a happy customer and will certainly be buying from you again in the future. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. Julie

I purchased from you the 1.5 Ct Total Weight Princess Cut stud diamond earrings in Platinum a couple of months ago. Because I had ordered online, and did not know very much about your company, I took my earrings to a very well respected local jeweler to have them appraised. No offense, but I wanted to make sure I did not just purchase a very expensive CZ or something. When I went to pick up the earrings, I asked the jeweler how they appraised. She said they appraised for over $8500! She asked me how much I paid, and being an honest person, I told her that I had paid a little over $600.  She was VERY surprised and asked me how in the world I did that. A man standing nearby asked if they were Moissanite, and she replied that no, Moissanite is double refractive, and these were single refractive like diamonds. Of course, I was very happy with the results of my appraisal, and decided to buy a ring from you also! I got my ring this week and I do love is just what I had in mind and I am very pleased. Hope to order more soon. P.S. New Port Richey, FL

I got my ring this week and I do love is just what I had in mind and I am very pleased.  Hope to order more soon. P.S. New Port Richey, FL

The stones look absolutely beautiful!!! C.B., Bellbrook, OH

Tomorrow's the wedding and I just got my ring back from being set...IT'S BEAUTIFUL GERRY!! thanks again, you'll be hearing me again! and again...and again...and again!!!!!!!!! T.P., Sacramento, CA

Thank you for the exceptional service in getting me the trinity ring for my wife’s birthday on time and with short notice. The ring is stunning. Your personal attention will not be forgotten. I will contact you soon for earrings for the Christmas season. I send my very best wishes. T. K., Diamondhead, MS

I was very pleased with the 3ct stone. It has been set and ready to wear. The Mrs. is very very pleased and I hope the picture does it justice. We will definitely be doing more business in the near future. G., Detroit

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The ring is perfect!!  Thank you for your fast and courteous service!!  I can't wait to purchase matching earrings! Thank you, K., Somerset, NJ

Shock and amazement, my Fiancé and I ordered our 2 ct stone online approximately 2 days ago, the doorbell rang, it was FedEx.......I ran to the best light source I could find, opened my envelope and carefully removed the stone from its protective covering and I just lost my breath when I laid eyes upon this magnificent stone. So fiery, so brilliant, it is beyond decent, it is spectacular! I am so thrilled, I just can't say it enough. I have heard how beautiful and undetectable these stones are but nothing compares until it is revealed in person. My mother and I compared stones side by side, her natural next to this 2 ct Russian Brilliant and we just sat there and smiled and giggled in amazement. Looking through a loop it just gets better and better, I dare anyone to say this is not just as good, hah...IT'S BETTER!
Happily Engaged, in NY

I just got them today. One day ahead of schedule. Very pleased indeed. Now I see what the big deal is about with this technology. Up to what size does it still look like the real thing to the naked eye? Thank you very much for your promptness despite the short notice. A.V. Novi, MI

My ring just arrived--it is sooooo awesome--I cant stop looking at it!!! Thank you so much for replacing side stones--the tanzanite really shines !!!!! Cant wait to do business with you again. K.D.

My husband just gave me an trinity ring with two one-half carat Russian Brilliants and a 2 carat yellow brilliant. I love it! Thank you. D.J. San Diego, CA

I've just received my order. It's stunning and breath taking. Thanks a lot. Regards, V. Nguyen, VA

I just got my new ring last night – and it is breathtaking!!!  Everyone who sees it just gasps! They are all commenting on how beautiful the stone is, and so far not even one person has questioned if it is real or not! Thank you for all your help.  As you know, Clay and I were very hesitant on purchasing the stone.  I was very skeptical that it would look fake, but I have been proven wrong, and I thank you.  We will definitely be purchasing other items from you in the future! Sincerely, S.C. 

Dear owner, My fiancé bought the Trinity 1 1/2 center stone and 1/2 carat stones on each side for me. I work in a bank and see customers every day. I must have received 2000 compliments on my magnificent ring. I am so happy with it! Joanna

I just wanted to thank you again for your lightning fast service! I ordered the loose stone yesterday afternoon and it came this morning. I had my platinum engagement ring re-set during my lunch hour and now I have a fabulous ring! The jewelry repair guy went on and on about what a great quality stone the Russian Brilliant was. Compared to that, my other stone looked terrible!! Thanks again--you are really great. Diane

Hello, I just wanted to let you know how very happy I am with the quality of your diamond simulants. This is my third order--I'm buying a loose stone to replace the diamond in my wedding set. Why pay thousands of dollars when I have this option. With the money, we're taking a great vacation and getting a new car! I've purchased a pendant, stud earrings, a round solitaire ring and now a loose stone. I couldn't be happier with the merchandise or your service. Everything is first-rate. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Diane

I received my ring yesterday and it's absolutely beautiful. I'm so impressed with the quality and brilliance. I can't wait to order my next piece of jewelry. Thank you.

The ring is AMAZING. I cannot believe how perfectly you matched it. I just wanted to say THANKS to you for all your hard work and incredible customer service. I am so pleased and am so proud to put this ring on every day...already it feels weird when I not wearing it, i.e. when playing sports. I had no idea it had arrived and Troy proposed and I was was awesome! :) Thanks, Karyn

I got my rings today and they are great. I can't believe how good they came out. The 2 carat center stone looks so good, I put it up to my mother's diamond and you can't tell the difference except mine looks nicer. I just wanted to tell you thank you for all your help and I will spread the word about Russian Brilliants. Thanks, Kelly

I wanted to write and let you know how happy my wife was with the Trinity ring. The ring is beautiful and sparkles magnificently; and she gets compliments on the ring, wherever she goes. Regards, Tracey

Here's a great thank you letter I received from Kurt Ajodha today from Trinidad and Tobago.  He also called me earlier today as well.  Anyway, as you can see, he was quite pleased with the work.  Thank you for doing such a great job for him. Sandy

You may add our names to the list of satisfied purchasers! Phyllis loves her ring. It is a beautiful piece and the setting is as you promised. We were skeptical but now we have the deal and ring complete, we are very satisfied! Thank you for the personal service. Tony

Shalom -
I'm rarely speechless...but this ring I am holding is just breathtaking! Looks like Harry Winston's guards should have accompanied it. Thank you so much for the rush getting it to me. Just in time to present tomorrow at brunch. PS The setting is right on replica.

Can't wait to see the pendant. Take care - Lynn, Shaker Heights, OH

We had the stone set in a plain white gold band with the v-prongs just like I had wanted. The jeweler as well as the setter could not believe the stone was not real, as a matter of fact to the jeweler's naked eye he said it was a D stone straight away. I told him if he was interested in carrying Russian Brilliants they could contact you. Kind regards, Julie

You did a great job on my funky old mounting. It looks brand new and the stone is gorgeous in all lighting. It is beautiful. I will be ordering a "whole bunch" more. The heck with thousands and thousands of $ on real with good quality, or sacrificing looks with moissanite or cz. You not only have one new customer, I guarantee you'll have many new customers. I am a "happy Camper" and so is my husband. I told him I needed 20 grand for a stone and he said no. When this came today and I showed it to him, he was even happier than I was when he read the info and realized it was less than $700.00! Thanx again, Mary!!!!!

I just got the ring for my wife. I appreciate you sending it so quickly.  The only thing that exceeds your service is the quality and beauty of this ring. Even the box it came in was total class. We’ll be doing a lot more business in the future. Thanks again - CC, Lawrence, KS

I received my ring - it's absolutely beautiful. The stone is amazing. I really enjoyed talking with you and appreciate your attention to detail. Ms. C.T., Dearborn, MI

Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful ring! We love it! You're the best! L & J, S.F, CA

I received the earrings today. I am delighted with how beautiful they are. It stands up well to my real diamonds. Mrs. S.W., W. Palm Beach, FL

I love the Russian Brilliant stone. It looks just like my real diamond! The jeweler I used to set the stone asked me what it was because it really resembled a diamond. Mrs. H.H, Ft Worth, TX

I have to tell you the stone is beautiful. The Russian Brilliant set with natural diamond princess cuts is incredible. My bride absolutely loves it! Mr. J.C, Shoreline, WA

The Platinum wedding ring set is awesome!!! I cannot wait to see the look on my girlfriends eyes... I'm proposing on May 10th. Everyone I have shown the ring set to is just overwhelmed with the beauty. As far as I'm concerned, this is a real diamond.... at a fantastic value. CL, Chicago, IL

"I received the ring yesterday. Thanks so much. It is great! I'm wearing it right now. - USA FA, Colorado

"Just a note to tell you I had my 4 carat stone mounted and it is so totally beautiful and unbelievable. It is FABULOUS. I'll be a recommendation for you any time." - Reno, Nevada

"I can't tell you how thrilled I am about my Russian Brilliants®!!!! WOW!!!! Is this gorgeous or what?!?! I am seriously considering the offer about being a distributor in South Florida." - Palm Springs, Florida

"I did receive your e-mail and am including this short note. I am interested in other stones and possibly looking to be a representative for the complete line. My wife is totally sold on Russian Brilliants® too." - Salem, Oregon  

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